Bruno Mars - All About You chords version 3

These are all barre chords. 

Verse 1
Emaj7I know girl, when you look at me
C#mYou don't know how I feel
Emaj7Cause I'm usually so nonchalant
C#mMy feelings I conceal
F#mBut I want you to know
BOh, I want you to know
Emaj7 C#mI must admit I've felt this way for more than quite a while
Emaj7 C#mBut I can't hold it no longer when I see that pretty smile
F#mCan't wait no more
B - COh, I can't wait no more
Oooh [Chorus]
Emaj7 C#mGirl, to tell you the truth
F#mIt's always been you
BI'm all about you
Emaj7Oh, girl
C#m F#mNo one can do me the way you do
BIt's always been you
I'm all about you Verse 2 (Chords same as Verse 1)
Emaj7 C#mMaybe I'm a fool for speaking up but I don't mind
Emaj7 Cause a girl like you will come around like
C#mOnce in a million times
F#mSo what do I do?
BTell me what do I do
Emaj7 C#mAnd the look that you are givin' me gives me hope to believe
Emaj7So for you baby I'll change my ways I'll
C#mWear my heart on my sleeve
F#mGot nothin' to lose
B - CI've got nothin' to lose
Repeat Chorus Bridge:
AbmGirl when you smile
C#mNot a place I'd rather be
AbmJust stay for a while
C#mThen you'll see you should be right here with me
F#mCause I love everything you do
Emaj7 Emaj7(slide barre finger down 1 fret) That's why I have to take
C#m B F#mthis time baby to tell ya
BOh, and now you know
And now you know Back to Chorus
Emaj7 C#m AOh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
BI'm all about you
Repeat til end. My best guess at this song, I'm open to any corrections! =] Enjoy.
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