Bryan Adams – Hearts On Fire tab

Hi everyone, I couldn't understand the tab of bryan adams of 'hearts on fire' that much,
seen it's a bit lower, so I tabbed out my own version. I don't know if it's correct, I
it sounds a bit more "sad" because I put Em in it, but I think it's ok, you can try it 
I hope it works!! greetings

Bryan Adams - Hearts on fire (Standard tuning - capo 4th fret)

G D G  4x

Some other time
Some other place
We might not 've 'been here
Standin' face to face

I just wanna tell ya
Made up my mind
G                               D
You know I can't help the way I feel inside

  Em               C
Oh this heart's on fire
G                             D
Right from the start it's been burnin' for you
 Em                C
Oh this heart's on fire
G                 D
One thing honey - this heart's true

G D G 2x

The streets are empty
The lights are down
Ain’t nothin' movin'
This side of town

So come on over
I ain't hard to please
G                                   D
Oh baby - what you get ain't always what you need

 Em                C
Oh this heart's on fire
G                       D
It's gettin' hotter now can't you see
  Em               C
Oh this heart's on fire
G                              D
From now on babe it's gonna be you and me

(DGD GGD Am DGD GGD Am) (or something like that...)

Em           C
Risin' to my feet I can feel the heat
G              D
It's tryin' to pull me under
Em                  C                    G
Runnin' through the night we can make it right
It's comin' on like thunder

G D G  2x

G                            C
Some got it good some got it bad
               G           C
But you're the best I ever had
        Em              C
I never worry you're so fine
G                             D
From now on babe I'm gonna be by your side

chorus (Em C G D four times) then back
2 times and end on G
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