Bryan Adams – East Side Story chords

CAPO 4 (Adjusted for easier chords)

Intro: G, D, Am, C.
G DVerse 1: There was this girl i used to see
Am Cdown on 42nd street
G Dshe'd walk by on her way to work
Am Cand make the air smell so sweet
( Chords same as 1st verse ) I used to sit in a coffee shop sometimes i'd have a cup when she'd got by she'd light up the sky like the sun coming up she'd be standing by the bus stop driver opened up the door i'd just sit and watch her getting on the 104
G DI wanna give her my number
Am Cwanna tell her my name
G Dwanna climb on board that cross-town bus
Am Dtake a chance she feels the same
Chorus: G D Am C Its just another east side story
G D Am D everybody's got a tale to tell
G D Am C and like a hundred guys befroe me
G D Am D i fell under her spell
G--- Its just another east side story ( Chords same as 1st verse ) Some things you hold on to some you just let go seems like the ones which you cant have are the ones you want the most I think about her sometimes i wonder if she was real and if i ever find her i'm gonna tell her how i feel -Chorus- Verse 3:
Am Its still the same old story
Em its still the same old game
C up there on the east side
D life goes on the same
Am She never knew my number
Em never ever knew my name
C she climbed on board that cross-town bus
D i never saw her again
Ending:G, D, Am C G Its just another east side story.
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