Bryan Adams – Long Gone chords

Tempo: 122 beats/minute

Hi everyone, this is my first guitar tablature I have posted, I hope you guys like it!

IMPORTANT: I will NOT incorporate the lead guitar yet.

This is a classic song by Bryan Adams and it's really cheeky! So without further adieu:


A G F C G# Eb Bb Bb-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|----------5-----8-----3--------------------|-7--5--3--5--6--8--8--3--------------------|-7--5--3--3--6--6--8--1--------------------|-5--3--1-----4-----6-----------------------|
(For both Bb's, you can play either, but I'd play the 6,8,8 one in the Harmonica Solo bit and the 1,3,3 one in the verses.) INTRO (listen to music for timing):
The last bar on the 6th time has a different timing to all the other times, so watch out for that!REPEAT 6 TIMES. Cmaj Bb G||-------------------------|----------3-3-------||||-o----5-6-6-6-5-5-5------|--3-3---- 3-3-----o-||||------5-5-5-5-5-5-5------|--3-3---- 4-4-------||||------5-7-7-7-5-5-5------|--3-3---- 5-5-------||||-o-----------------------|--1-1---- 5-5-----o-||||-------------------------|----------3-3-------||
Strum every chord on every quaver beat (One, and two, and three, and four and) VERSE (chord chart):
A G FThe Telephone's been ringin'- Ringin off the wall
A G FIt's your Las Vegas Lawyer - Another long distance call
C BbHe says you get the house and the car
F G#And i get the clothes i got on
CHORUS (same as intro, but REPEAT 4 TIMES): Now She's gone Long, long, long, long gone Now i'm a happy boy She's long, long, long, long gone! VERSE (same):
A G FOperator give me Manhattan - Get my baby on the line
A G FSooner or later she's gotta realize
C BbThat all my feelings were for real
F G#But maybe she was leadin' me on
CHORUS (same): Now She's gone Long, long, long, long gone Now i'm a happy boy She's long, long, long, long gone! SOLO (Intro): HARMONICA SOLO: G# | Eb | Bb | Bb | x2
(G) G# EbShe took the frigidaire she took my favourite chair
BbYou could say she got the best of me
G# EbIt's like a legal crime but in a matter of time
Bb (B)She'll be back for the rest of me Yeah
(THE BRACKETED "G" IS CONTINUING FROM THE CHORUS) (THE BRACKETED "B" I THINK IS THERE, BUT I AM NOT SURE. IT WORKS WELL TO TRANSITION TO THE CHORUS) OUTRO/CHORUS: Intro x2, then: (Play intro until song fades) Now she's gone Long,Long,Long,Long Gone Now i'm a happy guy Yeah She's Long,Long,Long,Long Gone Gimme a little piece of mine Yeah She's Long,Long,Long,Long Gone Got my mind for the same She's Long,Long,Long,Long Gone I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, I WILL TRY TO PUT THE LEAD IN AT SOME POINT IN TIME, BUT IN THE MEAN TIME, SEEYA SOON GUYS!!!
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