Bryan Ferry - Mamouna tab

(Bryan Ferry)
Intro: G#m

So you say
                        E      C#
You're living just for fun
(C#)       G#m
Isn't it enough?

So you say
You wait o will it come
Isn't it enough?

You a prisoner of loving
You're chained and bound

I could never be the one
In the moonlight and the sun

C#                G#m
O Mamouna Mamouna run      |x4

You and me
We're just like night and day
The here and now
The ghost of yesterday

Hack and tear
We're prisoners of loving
We're chained and bound

There's a road I've got to take
A thread you got to break 

C#                G#m
O Mamouna Mamouna run ... to fade
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