Bryan Ferry - Party Doll chords

(Bryan Ferry)
Intro: C    Dm    F  G  C    | x2  

FWhen the world outside of you
Seems to weigh too much for you
BbThen draw within yourself
FFor there is no one else
CIt's a sin
BbWhat I'm sayin'
FBut it's truth
Black and blue has turned to grey Real life pictures gone astray But don't give in Imagination rules again It's a sin What I'm sayin' But it's the truth
D Party doll
G Oh how you turn me on
Bb Now the day's for sleepin'
F A For I'll be leapin' all night long
D Party doll
G Without you I can't go on
B Now the way I'm figurin'
A You'll be Leda
G And I'll be Swann
as versoin It's a sin What I'm sayin' But it's truth It's a sin What I'm sayin' But it's truth
A And if our secret love
Dm Is haunting you
Bb No one can hold me
C Like you used to do
solo as intro Party doll, what's your game? Do you move, or entertain What people say When it don't mean a thing? It's a sin Heads they lose Tails you win Party doll, I must confess This wishin' well of loneliness Has dragged you down I'll wind you up, let's twist again It's a sin Skin to skin Amen //Please rate or post your opinion(comment)
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