Bryan John Appleby – Cliffs Along The Sea chords ver. 2

This is my first tab. It's loosely based on the other one posted here, but I just 
didn't feel that that one was quite right. The song is a little more complex than 
this, but this is basically it.

Capo on 5th

Em C G x2

Em C GI want to come back down
To the cliffs along the sea I would love to feel your hair So soft and wild and sweet
Em C GI wish I could do what I wanted
I would take you through these woods We would live beside the water We'd live just as we should Chorus:
G C AmA white wind beats against the window
Em CAnd rattles down the road
G C AmAn empty bottle of Daniel's
Em C AmBut I can't let you go
Em C GYou told me you never forgot me
And took the feather from my hand I had found it on the dusty road That led me once again
Em C GTo a girl so full of bravery
With her eyes so bright and strong To the place that only we have known The place we both belong
G C AmAnd the red wind beats against the window
Em CAnd rattles down the road
G C AmNot one frame still hold your picture
Em CBut I can't let you go
Solo: (Basically, play the verse twice, then the chorus twice) Em C G x2 G C Am Em C x2
Em C GI am roaming through the darkness
I am rambling through the night I will find you soon my darling Be sure, and hold the light
G C AmA black cloud hangs out my window
Em CAnd covers up the road
G C AmAnd not one good reason to keep me
Em CBut please don't let me go
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