Bryan John Appleby - The Silent Shepherd chords

Capo 4 

Intro:     C   F   C   ~   Am   C   Am   C

C Am Em FCome down mighty river and flow through the land
C Am Em FCome fill every dry well and break and every dam
Am C Em FCome smash through the stone walls that hold back your blood
C Am Em FCome fill in the garden, the valley, the grove
Bridge: C F C Am C Am C
C Am Em FCome down blessed shepherd there’s wolves in the pen
C Am Em FThey're tearing to pieces the littlest lambs
Am C Em FYou wait on the ridge come watch over the folk
C Am Em FCause there’s dogs in the night and they bite like the cold
Am C FI don’t hear the trumpet call
Am C FI can’t find all the suns in the sky
Am C E FAnd I don’t see the clouds roll back like a scroll
C Am Em FCome down lonely harlot locked high in the hills
C Am Em FYou’ve seen signs and wonders but never the thrills
Am C Em FOf knowing the touch of her hand by the dawn
C Am Em FOr giving as much as you can to a son
Am C Em FCome down to the water come down to the road
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