Buck 65 - Blood Of A Young Wolf tab

really easy and fun song to play, if you have a harmonica tuned to c, whip that bad boy 
and give it a blast in the middle section, works really well.

there may be an error in there as you normaly change to the g from the c chord, but at 
point you change from an f chord
the f is a major seventh by the way but for ease of writing ive just labeled it as f

A C Fmaj7 G
- -   -   3
1 1 1 -2 - 2 -2 2 3 -- 3 - 2- - - 3
INTRO: A C F C F C G A ten thousand horses, sable island, endless summer C oh my god iím hot to steal, beside myself and friendless number F i ain't got no culture, nothing, dirty words, but that donít count C flight attendants, waitresses, superstition, good amount F thereís work to do, hell to pay, memories and fingerprints C calling papa ignorance G A and i donít wanna go, sick and tired A zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, zoom, kick, persuasion, tech C itís an egg and spoon race, slow and steady, desert highway, a bientot F still iím stuck, i cant afford it, picture postcard, small momento C echo, shadow, echo, shadow, sterling silver, burning furnace F frozen nowhere, just a kid, i had a friend named deadly earnest C cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my arm F praise the heavens, call the cops, relax, thereís no cause for alarm G diamond rings and little babies, startlements and miracles A i remember pretty faces so severe and lyrical iím talking amelia earhart, neko case and frida kahlo C all alone, the way it should be, i donít even need a shadow F seeds of wisdom, found no purchase, we donít even have a chance C birthday party, armageddon, long stemmed roses, avalanche F broken fingers, going nowhere fast and screeching to a halt C all that work for nothin', uh oh, whipping boy it's all my fault G zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, zoom, kick, persuasion, tech A zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, tech, tech, tech MIDDLE BIT: A,C,F,C,F,C,G,A A i donít wanna go to pieces, easy going, afraid to fly and so iím running C catching fish and chopping wood, the revolution, slow time coming F i donít know what else to do, cross my fingers, teach the children C read your fortunes, storm the studios, come on all ye faithful pilgrims F no more same old song and dance, some good ideas get overplayed C i eat my breakfast, ride my bike, a knife between my shoulderblades G see iím a man of many problems up against some scary odds A we kill, we hide, we all fall down, idiots love to bury gods it doesnít happen overnight though, never, still iím filled with wonder C lonely like a tightrope walker, hitchhiker, long distance runner F zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, good night for you bad night for me C but i still love you lying down, k i s s i n g F not bad, not bad, not bad at all i tried your shoes on C cigarettes and crucifixes, ingmar bergman, alphonse mouzon G really boring modern music, really boring modern girl A get me out of here, iím drowning, i donít like this modern world anti-intellect and marketing, pretty, pretty, who needs talent C crying eyes, weíre so outnumbered, fight for the right to remain silent F what do i know, who am i, my two left feet my big dumb face C iíd do the same if i had the chance, cheat the system, rig the race F itís all one big misunderstanding, inside out i turn my coat C donít look back donít move a muscle, one false move thatís all she wrote G zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, zoom, kick, persuasion, tech A zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, tech, tech, tech www.buck65.com
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