Buck And Deanne - Filthy Cute Man chords

Filthy Cute Man
by Buck & Deanne - www.buckanddeanne.com
Copyright C Paul Buckberry 2009

D7 C7 B7 Em B7 (turnaround)

EmWent to St Albans
A Em Pitched a tent beside a creek.
AMet a filthy cute man
EmAnd we danced cheek to cheek.
D7 C7He said: "I'll build you up where you're torn down,
B7Make you strong where you are weak..."
EmMy filthy cute man.
Repeat Chords: He was born in 62 but he looks just 21 He looked me in the eye, Told me just what I wanted done. He said: "I'm saving my sugar just for you, won't give nobody none..." Hes my filthy cute man. The sun descending slowly, The birds silent in their nest. My heart beating madly, His head upon my breast. He handed me the evening star above And may the devil take the rest. Hes my filthy cute man. Solo over chords Higher than an eagle, The lowlands wet with dew. Im looking down with wonder At this unexpected view. He turned my water into wine, My boot into a shoe. My filthy cute man. A lot of love is chosen, Only you can guess how much. Anatomy is destiny, Which questions shall I clutch? My man found a spot down in my heart That the other boys don't touch. My filthy cute man. Outro over verse chords Finish on Em
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