Buckcherry - Check Your Head chords

Intro G        G7       C     G C G

G G7 Jessie died today
G7 CI heard the news its safe
C G C Gphotographed nude at age 13
G G7And nick was a friend of mine
G7 C who died before his time
C G C Ghe died on acid at age 18
pre chorus
E7 F Cowe and you still bitch about your payments
E7 F CIts funny how your looks predict your statements. C stop
distortion G whole measure
G G7I dress in black today
G7 CIt represents his face I'm in
C G C Gand what it was I cant believe
G G7the staind glass you hide behind
G7 Cits from a dear friend ryan
C Gand what it was is still in your dreams yeah yeah
pre chorus chorus Power chord
Gso check your head
Cset your eyes on your dreams yeah
EmBe happy with nothin
Dwhen your a sight to see my love
Solo Verse chords
Galright yeah you fell out of time with some distance to go
Cits not like the time you had to show
Emand if you believe its the end of the line
Dyoull be taken
C D G Def# Emand jessie never thought that what she did would change my life
C D G well she just thought her life was a waste of time
C D G Def# Emand nick went up to graduate and after that he died
C D Ghe always thought how school was a waste of time. Stop
C D G Def# Emyeah yeah give it to me all nite long
C D Gyeah yeah......... yeah
Dedicated to my brother dwayne jk
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