Buckethead – 12 Days Of Christmas tab

im pretty sure this is the way he plays it. ive watched the videoclip loads bt there is one part i cnt figure out. if u know it plz post it.e-----------01-0-|A----111-013--3--|D-000------------|G----------------|B----------------|E----------------|on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me...
e-3-01--|A--3--3-|D-------|G-------|B-------|E-------|he plays this about 32 times.
e-3-5-2-3-|A---------|D---------|G---------|B---------|E---------|Five golden rings
e-310---1----------|A----31---1--310---|D--------2------20-|G------------------|B------------------|E------------------|Four something 3 something 2 something
sorry i dont actually knw the lyrics. if u knw the and a partrige in a paer tree part plz plz post it
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