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Buckethead – Mustang tab

Electric Tears

Tabbed By: Jerry Rooney

I didn't see this on here so I thought I'd tab it out.  This is my first tab
so please rate.  Sorry it's only the begining though.

h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
b = bend to indicated tone
/ = slide
| = measure marker
x = frethand mute/choke

Drop C Tuning

There's a rythm part and then a little bit overlayed on top
For this song I use clean sound with chorus/flanger and this song
has lots of wah.  If you listen to it while playing everything should
come together.

Rythm---------------- ----------- ---------------- --------|---------------- ----------- ---------------- --------|---------------- ----------- ---------------- --------|-13------------- -9--1------ -11--1-----9--1- -1------|-13------------- -9--1------ -11--1-----9--1- -1------|-13-------------x7 -9--1------x2 -11--1-----9--1-x3 -1------|-Played with some rythm
---------------- ------------|---------------- ------------|---------------- ------------|-11--13--------- -16--15--13-|-11--13--------- -16--15--13-|-11--13---------x5 -16--15--13-|
The overlayed part---------------------------------------|--------------------16--17-------------|----------------------------16--14--13-|--13--14-------------------------------|----------16---------------------------|---------------------------------------|
Well that's it for now. Email me at if you want more.
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