Buckethead - Finger Nubbing tab

			     "Finger Nubbing" --- Buckethead

Tabbed by: [travis]

Tuning: 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) [low to high]

*The tuning can be in standard tuning, I just have it in flat tuning, since
that's the tuning Buckethead mostly uses. Plus this tab will help you out
with the solo of "Jordan," by Buckethead.

*I'll be tabbing out the way you can play this part, by showing you some
examples, some easy, and then build it up to advance type tapping. Hopefully,
this tab will help you guys out.

*This whole tab is not out of a tab book, magazine, or DVD. This is just what I
tabbed out from practice, and watching Buckethead play.

*There is a clip of Buckethead giving you a lesson on youtube. He doesn't speak normal
though, but he shows you how to "finger nub," with all fingers. Look up "Buckethead lesson."


T = tap
p = pull off
h = hammer off


Fingers of Pick Hand:

R = Ring Finger
M = Middle Finger
I = Index Finger (Pointy Finger)
P = Pinky Finger (Small Finger)


Fingers of the Fret Hand:
r = ring finger
m = middle finger
i = index finger
s = small finger (pinky)

Ex 1: For this example, start by doing a simple tapping. Using your
fret hand, place any of your fingers on the 12th fret of the Eb string.
Now, with your pick hand, tap the 17th fret with your index finger.
Instead of tapping the hell out of the string, like "poking" the string,
dry bending the string, slightly, as you tap. Meaning you lightly bend
the sring down towards the high Eb string and letting go of it, causing
a pull off to the 12 fret.

I I I I I I i i i i i i T T T T T Teb|--------------------------------------|Bb|--------------------------------------|Gb|--------------------------------------|Db|--------------------------------------|Ab|--------------------------------------|Eb|-17p12-17p12-17p12-17p12-17p12-17p12--|
Ex 2: For this example, you'll use two fingers. You'll use your index finger, and your middle finger. Do the same process as in Ex 1. Build up your speed, from slow to fast. Have your index finger of your fret hand on the 11th fret, and your middle finger of your fret hand on the 12th fret. The trick to do this is to place both your middle, and index fingers of your fret hand on the frets. After you tap the 12th fret, keep your index finger on the 11th fret, even when your middle finger is on the 12th fret.
M I M I M I m i m i m i T T T T T Teb|--------------------------------------|Bb|--------------------------------------|Gb|--------------------------------------|Db|--------------------------------------|Ab|--------------------------------------|Eb|-17p12-16p11-17p12-16p11-17p12-16p11--|
Ex 3: For this example, it gets a bit hard to do. This is slightly the solo part from "Jordan." Doing the same process as in the second example, your going to do it with three fingers now. Your now using your middle, index, and ring fingers for this one. Ring finger for the 12th, middle finger for the 11th fret, and use your index finger for the 10th fret (all for the fret hand).
R M I R M I R M I r m i r m i r m i T T T T T T T T Teb|--------------------------------------------------------|Bb|--------------------------------------------------------|Gb|--------------------------------------------------------|Db|--------------------------------------------------------|Ab|--------------------------------------------------------|Eb|-17p12-16p11-15p10-17p12-16p11-15p10-17p12-16p11-15p10--|
Ex 4: Do the same process with three fingers, but now you change strings. Build up your speed as well.
R M I R M I R M I R M I r m i r m i r m i r m i T T T T T T T T T T T Teb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|---------------------------------------------------------17p12-16p11-15p10-|Db|---------------------------------------17p12-16p11-15p10-------------------|Ab|--------------------17p12-16p11-15p10--------------------------------------|Eb|-17p12-16p11-15p10---------------------------------------------------------|
Ex 5: For this example, your now using your pinky, index, ring, and middle fingers.
P R M I P R M I s r m i s r m i T T T T T T T Teb|--------------------------------------------------|Bb|--------------------------------------------------|Gb|--------------------------------------------------|Db|--------------------------------------------------|Ab|--------------------------------------------------|Eb|-18p13-17p12-16p11-15p10-18p13-17p12-16p11-15p10--|
Ex 6: Go across the strings now, using four fingers.
P R M I P R M I P R M I s r m i s r m i s r m i T T T T T T T T T T T Teb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|Db|-------------------------------------------------18p13-17p12-16p11-15p10--|Ab|-------------------------18p13-17p12-16p11-15p10--------------------------|Eb|-18p13-17p12-16p11-15p10--------------------------------------------------|
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Ex 7: This example is similar to a part in "Jordan". R M I R M I R M I R M I r m i r m i r m i r m i T T T T T T T T T T T Teb|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|-------------------------------------------------------17p12-16p11-15p10-|Db|-------------------------------------17p12-16p11-15p10-------------------|Ab|-------------------17p12-16p11-15p10-------------------------------------|Eb|-17p12-16p11-15p10-------------------------------------------------------|
R M I R M I R M I R M I R M I r m i r m i r m i r m i r m i T T T T T T T T T T T T T T Teb|-------------------17p12-16p11-15p10--20p15-19p14-18p13-------------------------------------|Bb|-17p12-16p11-15p10--------------------------------------19p14-18p13-17p12-------------------|Gb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------19p14-18p13-17p12-|Db|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Ab|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Eb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ex 8: Try doing the whole tapping process, in reverse.
I M R I M R I M R I M R i m r i m r i m r i m r T T T T T T T T T T T Teb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|Gb|-15p10-16p11-17p12--------------------------------------------------------|Db|-------------------15p10-16p11-17p12--------------------------------------|Ab|-------------------------------------15p10-16p11-17p12--------------------|Eb|-------------------------------------------------------15p10-16p11-17p12--|
That's it. Hope it's not too confusing. IT'S THE EASIEST I CAN TAB IT OUT FOR EVERYBODY TO UNDERSTAND IT. If it's too confusing, or you have questions, then put them the comments. [travis]
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