Budapest - Is This The Best It Gets tab version 1

Budapest - Is This The Best It Gets
Too Blind To Hear (2003)

Chords used:

G D Cadd9sus4 Em7e|---3--2-----0------0--|B|---3--3-----3------3--|G|---0--2-----0------0--|D|---0--0-----2------2--|A|---2--X-----3------2--|E|---3--X-----X------0--|
Intro & Verse G D Cadd9sus4 Bridge: D Em7 Cadd9sus4 Is this the best it gets... D Em7 Cadd9sus4 how do I know? D Em7 Cadd9sus4 Best that it gets... D how do I know? Chorus: G D Cadd9sus4 Disapointing disillusion near from my view... G D Cadd9sus4 (repeat till end) tabbed by jazzvi.
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