Buddy Guy – Messin With The Kid tab

I wasn't sure whether this was jr wells or buddy guy because buddy plays it
but jr sings it.  So any way hope this helps you.

This is the main riff and chords to this song it's pretty simple.

e|-------------------------------------|B|-------7-----------------9------7----|G|-7-----7h9---7-----7-----9h11---7h9--|then play the main riffD|-7h9---7h9---7h9---7h9---9h11---7h9--|A|-7h9---7-----7h9---7h9---9------7----|E|-7-----------7-----7-----------------|
after each chord you strum in some imposible to tab pattern Just listen to the song to figure it out. You can find this song on Muddy Waters "Messin' with the blues" DVD
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