Buddy Holly - Kinky Daddy Longlegs tab

Kinky Daddy Longlegs by Buddy Holly

This is a song from the TV Series "The Young Ones"

Standard Tuning

MAIN RIFF x6e---------------------------|B---------------------------|G--------22222--------------|D--44444-22222-22222-22222--|A--44444-00000-22222-22222--|E--22222-------00000-00000--|
Lyrics Saturday night Hanging round for a bite Find a real cutie with the dust mite blues Hangnail, high tail, fairy tale, very well Finding anything that I can chew Coo coo daddy longlegs Rough it up, rough it up, oh oh oh oh Rain fly pie with a mosquito side salad 23 years on a meat-free diet Beetles, crickets, gonna get you sick It's here's a little sucker and you ought to try it Coo coo, daddy longlegs Hope it makes more money than "Peggy Sue"-ue Ha ha ha ha ooooh Any Correction Please Comment Thanks
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