Buddy Holly - Dearest chords

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Dearest chords
Buddy Holly

Capo IV

A D E 4x

A D E A DDearest - though you're the nearest to my heart
E A D E please don't ever - ya,
A D Eever say we'll part
A D E A D EYou scold, and you were so bold
A D Eyes together - umm ya
A Eour love will grow old - umm ya
A D Eour love will grow old
A D E A D EYou may be a million miles away
A D Eplease believe me - umm ya
A Ewhen you hear me say
A D E A D EI love you - I love you
A D E A D ECome home - keep me from these sleepless nights
A D Etry my love again - umm ya
A EI'm gonna treat you right - umm ya
A D I'm gonna treat you right
A D E A Set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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