Buddy Holly - Girl On My Mind chords version 1

			     GIRL ON MY MIND - Buddy Holly

Side A of the 1958 Girl On My Mind / Ting-A-Ling single by Decca Records

Standard "50s progression"

C Am F G

C AmOh, girl on my mind
F G G7please come back to me
C AmI love you with all my heart
F G G7with you I want to be
C C7I want you to be near me
F G7 is that too much to ask
C Amwo, girl on my mind
F G C C7please say you will be mine
F CYou're the one and the only
F C you are mine to have and to love
F Cno one could ask for more
Am G G7you're mine to adore
C AmGirl on my mind
F G C F Cplease say you will be mine
Then repeat once the last two parts (listen the song) by LGK
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