Buddy Holly – Have You Ever Been Lonely chords ver. 2

                Have You Ever Been Lonely - Buddy Holly
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Buddy Holly
Have You Ever Been Lonely (1956)
(Peter De Rose/George Brown)

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| tacet | A | % | D | % |

D [break] G DHave you ever been lonely
AHave you ever been blue
AHave you ever loved someone
| D G |Just as I love you
D G Can't you see that I'm sorry
DFor each mistake I made
ACan't you see that I changed dear
A A Can't you see I've paid
A [break] G D Be a little forgiving
ATake me back in your heart
AHow can I go on living
B7While we're apart
GIf you knew what I’d been through
DThen you'd know why I ask you
AHave you ever been lonely
A | D G | D Have you ever been blue
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