Buddy Holly – Love Is Strange tab

Intro s E --9-9-9-12-14---14-12-9-7-9//1-B -------------------------------G -------------------------------D -------------------------------A -------------------------------E -------------------------------
A......D.....E....x4 A D E A D Love hmhmm Love is strange hmhmm E A D E A D Lot of people hmhmm take it for a game. E A D E A D Once you get it hmhmm your in an awfull fix hmhmm E A D E A D after you've had it hmhmm you never want to quit E A D E A D Many people hmhmm don't understand no no E A D E A D They think loving yay yay is money in the hand E A D E A D Your sweet loving hmhmm is better than a kiss yay yay E A D E A D When you leave me hmhmm sweet kisses i'll miss. Instrumental A..D...E..X6 Repeat above and finish on A. Tabbed By: Stuart Stevens
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