Buddy Jewell – Help Pour Out The Rain tab

  (verse 1)
C               F              C
the moment was custom made to order
      F               C
I was riding with my daughter,
        F              G
on our way back from monroe,
and like children do,
            F               C  
she started playin twenty questions,
        F                    C
but i never would, have guessed one,
            F                 G  
could have touched me to my soul, she said

(chorus 1)
      F                 G
Daddy when we get to heaven,
        C  -   G  -  Am  - G
can I taste the milky way, F Gare we goin' there to visit, C - G - Am - G
or are we going there to stay, F G am i gonna see my grandpa, C G Amcan I have a pair of wings, F Cand do you think that god could use, F G C-G-Am-G-F-G another angel to help pour out the rain,
(VERSE 2) C F C Well i wont lie, I pulled that car right over, F C and i sat there on the shoulder, F G tryin to dry my misty eyes, C and I whispered lord, F C I wanna thank you for my children, F C cause your innocence that fills them, F G often takes me by surprise, Like (Go to chorus 1) (C-G-Am-G-F-G-2x's) (Bridge) F G well i thought about it later on, C G Am and smile came to my face, F G and when i tucked her into bed, F G I got down on my knees and prayed, (CHORUS 2) F G lord when i get to heaven, C G Am G can i taste the milky way, F G I dont want to come to visit, C G Am G cause im comin home to stay, F G and i can't wait to see my family, C G Am and meet jesus face to face, F C and do you think lord you could use, F just one more angel, G C to help pour out the rain, can help pour out the rain, (OUTRO) C-G-Am-G-F-G (FADE OUT)
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