Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan chords

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This is the tab for the song:

Chan Chan by the Buena Vista Social Club (written by
one of their members, Compay Segundo RIP)

The song is véry easy. A good song to start out with if
you just started playing the guitar. I was quite surprised
not to see a good tab with the correct chords here on this
fabulous site. I'm just a basic player myself, but this awesome
song must be here in it's correct version!

These are the chords used in the song, also in this pattern: Dm - F - Gm - Gm7 - A7 Dm - F - Gm - Gm7 - A7 Dm - F - Gm - Gm7 - A7
Dm - F - Gm - Gm7 - A7etc.
Dm = 1 measure F = 1 measure Gm = 3/4 measure Gm7 = 1/4 measure A7 = 1 measure The Gm7 chord is opcional I play it sometimes, other times I like to play nothing instead. It's really a very easy song that's fun to play and famous, impress your friends ^_^ Every tab I've seen here (and a lot on YouTube aswell) end with an A instead of better with an A7 in my opinion. I don't know ANYTHING about the whole tabbing stuff I just figured I could help :) ©Feonn (like anyone want's to rip this) the_kaasschaaf@hotmail.com
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