Buffalo Springfield - Hour Of Not Quite Rain tab

Hour of not Quite Rain

Bm  E  Bm  E 

Bm             A         Bm   
In the hour of not quite rain 
         G                  D     
When the fog was finger tip high 
    Bm  E       Bm    E      Bm       E    D
The moon hung suspended in a singular sky
Bm  E  Bm  E  Bm   G  C  F  /E  /D

F#m          Bm
Deeply and beyond seeing, 
F#m              Bm
Not wishing to intrude 
E             F#m   Bm  
Bathed in its own reflection 
A                      Bm   E  Bm  E 
The water mirrored the moon 

The tumbling birds have now sobered 
From the leaves of their nursery 
Like shadowy, quiet children watching sleeply  

by: Josť Duarte
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