Buffalo Springfield – Bluebird chords


Verse I.

D G D Listen to my bluebird laugh,
G D She can't tell you why.
G D Deep within her heart you see,
C G D C G D C G D She knows only crying, just crying, yeah...
Verse II.
G D There she sits, a lofty perch,
G D Strangest color blue.
G D Flying is forgotten how,
C G D C G D C G D She thinks only of you, just you, awwe...
Verse III.
D So get all those blues, must be a thousand hues,
C G And each is differently used, you just know.
D You sit there mesmorized, by the debth of her eyes,
C G If you could could catagorize, she's got soul.
C G C G D C G D She got soul, she got soul, she got soul...
Verse IV.
D Do you think she loves you?
C D Do you think at all?
Verse V.
G D Soon she's going to fly away,
G D Sadness is her own.
G D Fill herself a bath of tears,
C G D D And go home, and go home.
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