Buffalo Springfield – Mr Soul chords

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Mr. Soul chords
Buffalo Springfield *

E E7 E

E7 E E E7 EOh, hello, Mr. Soul, I dropped by to pick up a reason
E7 E E E7 EFor the thought that I caught that my head is the event of the season
A E E E7 EWhy in crowds just a trace of my face could seem so pleasing
D A EI'll cop out to the change, but a stranger is putting the tease on
E E7 E
E7 E E E7 EI was down on a frown when the messenger brought me a letter
E7 E E E7 EI was raised by the praise of a fan who said I upset her
A E E E7 EAny girl in the world could have easily known me better
D A EShe said you're strange, but don't change, and I let her
E7 E E E7 EIn a while, will the smile on my face turn to plaster?
E7 E E E7 EStick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster
A E E E7 EFor the race of my head and my face is moving much faster
D A E E E7 E Is it strange I should change I don't know, why don't you ask her? 4x
* Alternate: Capo II E7 = D7 E = D A = G D = C Set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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