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  Here it is.  Got a lot more of these if anyone's interested.  Be specific
though, don't just say, "hey send some more Buffett...".  Me and some
other folks are currently working on a "Great Chords Compliation" of every
Buffett song ever released.  The lyrics are already completed.  You can
access via anonymous ftp to:  ventura.cs.bsu.edu   /pub/buffett/lyrics
  Email me if you have any questions.

Mike A. Hall

Pencil Thin Mustache
By Jimmy Buffett

D                 F#7       B7
Now they make new movies in old black and white
E7                        A7
With happy endings, where nobody fights
   D               F#7             B7
So if you find yourself in that nostalgic rage
       E7                A7
Honey, jump right up and show your age

       D            F#7            B7
     I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
   E7            A7       D
     The "Boston Blackie" kind
       D         F#7        B7
     A two toned Ricky Ricardo jacket
            E7                    A7
     And an autographed picture of Andy Devine

         D                   D7
     Oh I remember bein' buck-toothed and skinny
     G                      Bb
     Writin' fan letters to Sky's niece Penny
          D            F#7         B7
     Oh I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
          E7                 A7        D
     Then I could solve some mysteries too

        Em         B7          Em         B7
Oh it's Bandstand, Disneyland, growin' up fast
Em            B7         Em
Drinkin' on a fake I.D.
    F#m         C7         F#m        C7
And Rama of the jungle was everyone's Bawana
    E7                       A7
But only jazz musicians were smokin' marijuana
        D            F#7         B7
Yeah, I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
     E7                 A7        D
then I could solve some mysteries too

(same as above chords with this verse)
But then it's flat top, dirty bob, coppin' a feel
Grubbin' on the livin' room floor (so sore)
Yeah, they send you off to college, try to gain a little knowledge,
But all you want to do is learn how to score

          D               F#7        B7
Yeah, but now I'm gettin' old, don't wear underwear
  E7                       A7
I don't go to church and I don't cut my hair
    D           F#7        B7
But I can go to movies and see it all there
         E7           A7     D
Just the way that it used to be

     That's why I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
     The "Boston Blackie" kind, a two-toned Ricky Ricardo jacket
     And an autographed picture of Andy Devine

     Oh, I could be anyone I wanted to be
     Maybe suave Errol Flynn or a Sheik of Araby
     If I only had a pencil thin mustache
     Then I could do some cruisin' too

     Yeah, Bryl-cream, a little dab'll do yah
         E7              A7       D
     Oh, I could do some cruisin' too

----------------------------------------------------Chord diagrams: E7 - |o2o1oo| A7 - |xo2o2o| B7 - |x212o2| F#7- |xx432o| F#m - |244222| Bb - |113331| C7 - |x3231o-----|-----------------------------------------------------|
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