Built To Spill – Wherever You Go tab

			     WHEREVER YOU GO – Built to Spill
Tabbed by: Ben
Email: dontcallmebenny@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Riff A

Intro: Riff A, F, C – play this 10 times, then switch to playing chords of F, C, Dmin The last time, before the singing comes in, play F, C, Bb, F Dmin Verses: F Riff A Mirrors make it right, how can that explain F Riff A Nobody can tell what the hell they’re even saying Bb Dmin No-one sees it’s easier to change Bb Dmin No-one sleeps and no-one stays awake F Dmin No-one complains Bridge: F C Dmin And I’ll find wherever you go F C Dmin I’ll help with things you don’t know F C Dmin And I’ll get you out of the show F C Dmin And I’ll find wherever you go The rest of the song follows this pattern, with all the solos based in Dminor
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