Built To Spill - Hindsight chords

Hindsight – Built to spill

A EHindsight's given me 

D AToo much memory

D AThere's too much never seen

E It's always there

DTo tell me where

A ETaking my own advice 

D AWorked out for me nice

D ANow I've come to find 

EThat tricks are played

DWith human brains

E6 DThey don't wanna think about the other side

E6 DIs that grass just greener cause it's fake

F#m Cause that's all we've been told 

ESince we were five years old

DIs that all we'll ever know

A EHindsight brings me down

D AKeeps me on the ground

D AThough I'm never proud

E DI wouldn't dare if you weren't there

A EThink we're getting up

D AFeel like giving up

D AFeels like not enough

E DFor you to come and waste the love

E6 DThey don't wanna talk about the other side
E6 DWhen the grass is greener then they said

F#mThis doesn't bring to mind

EWhat I'd expect to find

DThey must be combed with lies

A E DWhat about Canada

A What about Canada

E DIt's paradise with pines and ice

E6 DMorning comes in freight ships while your sleeping

E6 DBatting two ideas with no surprise

F#mWait til the wine has rights 

EAnd never walk bulls at night

DKiss all those girls goodbye
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