Built To Spill - Good Ol Boredom chords

			     GOOD OL’ BOREDOM – Built to Spill
Tabbed by: Benson
Email: dontcallmebenny@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Main Melody Riff

C Bb F break out the water
C Bb F kinda cele- brate
C Bb F welcome back good old boredom
C Bb F not so bad seems so great
Riff Played during F chord:
Rest of the verses follow the pattern of C, Bb, F Bridge
G# F and we see are wrongs to right they're everywhere
G# Fthe truth is rolling out of sight and out of mind
Bb C#and all we want is anything that'll take our minds
Bb C#off this nonstop anxiety for a time
Solo’s are in Fmajor, sorry, am useless with a slide so you’ll have to have a go yourselves!
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