Built To Spill – Pat tab

			     PAT – Built to Spill
Tabbed by: Benson
Email: dontcallmebenny@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Intro - C, Am x4
Verse - F, D, Am
Bridge - C, G one beat each, Am , then F
Chorus - Am, C, F, Am (on the second chorus just repeat one bar each of Am, C, F)
Solo Backing - C, Am, C, Am, F, D, E, F, C, Am ( one bar of each )

Lead Parts - you'll have to listen for the timing, they're all quite simple
There are 2 lead parts under the intro, the first is quite hard to make out, seems to 
be pull offs from 4th to 2nd fret on the G string ad libbed.

Second part, slide into all the notes
Under the bridge part there is this licke|--------------------------------|B|-5-5-5--------------------------|G|-7-7-7---5----7-9-7-5-7-5-------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|Bend the 7 on the G string up 2 frets for the first part.
Under the chorus chords there is this little riff:e|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|-7-5-7-9-------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
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