Built To Spill – Velvet Waltz chords


e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------10-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|----12--12-----12--0--5--5--5--5--5--5--4--4--5--5--5--5—-7--7--5--5--5--5-|D|---9------9---9---4—-5--5--5--5--5--5--5--4--5--5--5--5--7--7—-5--5--5--5--|A|10----------10---2--3--3--3--3-----0--0--2--3--3--3--3--5--5--3--3--3--3---| x3E|--------------------------------3------------------------------------------|
MAIN If there's a word for you
D* C*It doesn't mean anything
G C*I've got some words for you
D* C*They don't offer anything
G C*You cold called everybody
D* C*But you haven't sold a thing
G C*A bad idea gone funny
G Am Em B5 C*A pinch felt in a dream
F D5 C5 Bb5You thought of everything but some things can't be thought
F D5 C5 Bb5 AmYou thought of everything but one thing you forgot is you're wrong
G C*And you better not be angry
D* C*And you better not be sad
G C*You better just enjoy the luxury of sympathy
D* C*If that's a luxury you have
G C*And you know no private bad
D* C*You know that that's the meaning of you're done
G C*In a world that's not so bad
D* C*In a world time was killing in the sun
G C*In a world that's not so bad
D5 Db5 B5 Asus Em B5 C5In a world time was killing in the sun
Em B5 C5In the sun
Em B5 C*In the sun
EmYou took all that moment
GAnd you left it in the sun
Am C*Now it's gone because you left it in the sun
EmWas a brave idea
GDidn't mean no harm
Am C*Now it's burnt because you left it in the sun
EmWas a grave mistake
GBut how could you have known
Am C*The temperature, the distance of the sun
ENDING JAM PART Em G* Em G* G G* G G* Am G* Am G* C G/C x2
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