Built To Spill - Randy Described Eternity tab

Tabbed by:CMM
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Tuning: Standard

(Guitar One Intro)e|----1---1---1---1---1---1--|B|-/3---3---3---3---3---3----|G|---------------------------|D|---------------------------|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|
(Guitar Two Riff One)e|------------|B|------------|G|------------|D|-0---3--0---|A|---1--------|E|------------|
(Guitar Two Riff Two)e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-0-----------|A|---1---------|E|-----1--3----|
(Verse/Chorus Chordse|---------6-------3---------|B|-3---3---6-------3-----3---|G|-3---0---8-------5-----0---|D|-0---0---8-------5-----0---|A|-1---1---6-------3-----1---|E|-----3-----------------3---| Bb Gm Ebsus2 Csus2 Gm
(Example of Post Chorus Solo)e|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|-5----------6\---3~----3~------5-----6-3~--------5--6\--3~---|G|-------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
Song Map: RF1 = Guitar two Riff One RF2 = Guitar two Riff Two (Intro Riff) Bb RF1 Bb RF1 Bb RF1 Every Thousand Years, This Metal Sphere, Ten times the size of Jupiter, Bb RF2 Gm RF1 Bb RF1 Floats just a few yards past the earth. You climb on your roof Bb RF1 Bb RF1 Bb And take a swipe at it, With a single Feather, Hit it once every thousand RF2 Gm RF1 Bb RF1 Bb RF2 Gm years. Til you've worn it down, To the size of a Pea, Yeah I'd say Ebsus2 Csus2 Gm that's a long time, But it's only half a blink, In the place you're gonna RF1 be. (Post Chorus Solo) Bb RF1 Bb RF1 Bb Where you gonna be, Where you'll spend eternity, I'm gonna be perfect from RF1 Bb RF2 Gm RF1 Bb RF1 Bb now on, I'm gonna be perfect starting now. Stop Making that sound, Stop RF2 Gm Ebsus2 Csus2 making that sound, I will say I forgot, But it's only yesterday, And it's Gm RF1 all you had to say. (Post Chorus Solo + Outro noise guitar(s)) | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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