Bullet For My Valentine – Hand Of Blood tab ver. 2

Left handed
Bullet For My Valentine
HAnd Of Blood
The Poison
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Cm - x35543
G# - 466544
Eb - x68886
Bb - x13331
Fm - 133111
Gm - 355333
G -  320033

Intro: Cm(Main Riff)---
Cm--G x2, G#--Bb--

Main Riff:

OH!!!! Verse 1: Cm(hold) There goes my Eb(hold) valentine again Soaked in red G(hold) for what she said Cm And now shes gone! Oh my God have Cm I done it again? Eb There's a pulse Gm and it's deafening Cm I cant help what Cm I hear in my head Eb It's the switch that Gm I flip (they said) Cm Hand of Blood! I don't wanna feel Cm Eb Gm my heart is breaking Cm Hand of Blood! I don't wanna Cm Eb see my life Gm is burning (Repeat Intro Main Riff) Chorus: Cm Eb Gm Eb Cm I saw you look away G# Is what you've seen too Bb much to take or are you blind and seeing nothing? Cm Eb Gm (I saw you run) Eb Cm I saw you run away G# Is what I've done too much Bb to take or are you scared of being nothing? Verse 2: Cm There's a stain on my hand and its Cm Eb red Oh my God am G Cm I losing it? I can't help what Cm I've done or I've said Eb It's the button G# i push (they said) Cm Hand of Blood! I don't wanna feel Cm Eb Gm my heart is breaking Cm Hand of Blood! I don't wanna Cm Eb see my life Gm is burning (Repeat Intro Main Riff) (Repeat chorus) Guitar Solo: Cm--Cm-Eb-Gm x2 G#--Cm-- x6 Bridge: G# Cm G# Cm NOOOOOO! Cm (pause) OOOOAH! (Repeat chorus) Outro: Cm(hold)
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