Bump Of Chicken – Namida No Furusato Home Of Tear tab

Bump Of Chicken
"Namida No Furusato" Home of Tear
by: Fujiwara Motoo

i am sorry i do not have the time to tab out the whole song, but i can get ou started 
this intro of it. If you wish to have the whole song tabbed out, e mail me at froster_freak@hotmail.com

Eb|--------|--------|--------|--------|Bb|--------|--------|--------|--------|Gb|2p0h2-/7|--4/5-/7|-/12~---|-12/16~-| intro endDb|--------|--------|--------|--------|Ab|--------|--------|--------|--------|Eb|--------|--------|--------|--------|
the fujiwara tuning that is used in if not all, most BOC songs, is just a half step down from standard tuning. the timing isn't too great for the song, but if you've ever heard it,timing should be a for you.
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