Burl Ives – Mister In-between chords

Mister In Between:Burl Ives.
#19 in 1962.

C F C G7Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between..picking's mighty lean,
CMr. In-Between.
C FWell, I'm too old for girls, and I'm too young for women.
CI've looked all around and my hopes are a dimmin'.
G7I feel like a fish not allowed any swimmin'.
C C7And it makes a fella mean..
FTo feel he's a part of the lost generation.
CI feel like a choo-choo that can't find the station.
G7I work like a dog with no recreation.
G CThey call me Mr. In-Between.
C F C G7Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between..makes a fella mean..
CMr. In-Between.
C FGot a hot rod Chevy with a twin carburetor.
CAnd I know a gal that's a real sharp tomater.
G7And she's got a Daddy with a Caddy that'll date her.
C C7You see what I mean?
C7 FThose sweet little things just set me a droolin'.
CI'm too big for sodas and I'm too old for schoolin.'
G7Too young for loving but I'm too old for foolin'.
G CThey call me Mr. In-Between.
C F C G7Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between..tries to live so clean..
CMr. In-Between.
FI feel like a sailboat kept in a bottle.
CI feel like an engineer that can't find the throttle.
G7I'm too small to walk but I'm too big to toddle.
C C7And, Lordy, I'm turning green..
FTo see all the men making time with the ladies.
CThe high school kids at the show with their babies.
G7While I run around like a dog with the rabies.
G CThey call me Mr. In-Between.
F C G7Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between..better leave the scene..
CMr. In-Between.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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