Burl Ives - A Little Bitty Tear tab

[][A] Little Bitty Tear:Burl Ives.
#1 in 1961.

[C]                          [G7]
A little bitty tear let me down,
Spoiled my act as a clown.
I had it made up not to make a frown,
          [C]            [G7]          [C]
Oh, but a little bitty tear let me down.

[C]                              [G7]
When you said you were leaving tomorrow,
That today was our last day,
I said there'd be no sorrow,
          [C]          [G7]         [C]
That I'd  laugh when you walked away.


[C]                         [G7]
I said I'd laugh when you left me,
Pull a funny as you went out the door,
That I'd have another one waitin',
   [C]          [G7]         [C]
To wave good..bye as you go..But..


[C]                       [G7]
Every thing went like I planned it,
And I really put on quite a show.
In my heart I felt I could stand it,
        [C]                [G7]               [C]
Til you walked with your grip through the door.


[C]              [G7]          [C]
A little bitty tear let me down(x2).

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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