Burlap To Cashmere – Dont Forget To Write chords

Burlap To Cashmere - Don't Forget to Write

Thanks to a friend for writing me about this song :)
live: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEXFDc95jTY
live: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JCJqQCteoA
video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUmnpYwfsTk

Key of Bb --> Capo 3: G
It's a bit confusing to notate a song relative to a capo and then have parts, like the
intro here, played with bar chords. The first bar chord is a Cm, but since we need to
keep the notation of the capo it's Am (and the numbers are relative to the capo). The 
capo is used to make the quick pulls used throughout the song possible.

Intro chords:
A     [x x 7 9 10 9]
Emaj7 [x79897]
G     [xx5787] or? Gmaj7 [xx5777]
Dmaj7 [x57675]
F     [xx3565] or? Fmaj7 [xx3555]
Cmaj7 [x.5453]

D  [xx0232] or sometimes he plays D*
G  [320003][3x0003]
C/G [3x2013]
C  [x32010] [x32013]
D* [554030] (open C slid up 2)
Em [022000]
B7 [x21202]

G(C/G) combo:
G played with pinky and 3rd finger slightly muting 5th string so that hammering 5thlowers string and sounds. Then first two fingers make the C/G (C with G in the base) pulling
off on each strum. G C/G d u u d de|--3----3--3--3--3---|B|--0----0--0--1p-1p--|G|--0----0--0--0--0---|D|--0----0--0--2p-2p--|A|--.-h2-2--.--x--x---|E|--3----3--3--3--3---|The Gs at the ends of lines are played like that.
Capo 3 Intro:
A Emaj7Keep your eyes on the new day
G Dmaj7You and me we are the same
F Cmaj7Shout it out on the horizon
D G(C/G)and don't forget to change your name
D G(C/G)I am at ease, the ocean's near, the sun is sinking
D GThe moon is tame, the fever's gone, and I feel fine
B7 Em C D G(C/G)Oh, baby, and don't forget to write
D C GQue sera sera I am an orphan
C G DThough I see the world as new
G B7 Em GDo you remember when the clouds were gold
C D G(C/G)And love was shining through
D G(C/G)I am at ease the ocean's near I see you smiling
D GYour eyes redeem my foolish ways and you are mine
B7 Em C D G(C/G)Oh baby and don't forget to write
Instrumental D G D G B7 Em
C D G(C/G)And don't forget to...
D G(C/G)I am at ease the ocean's near the sun is sinking
D GThe eastern wind reveals your name across the sky
B7 Em C D G(C/G)Oh I love you and don't forget to write
D C GQue sera sera I am an ocean
C D EmI'm sa-ailing to be free
G B7 CDo you remember when it was beautiful forever
G D G(C/G)Was blind but now I see
D G(C/G)Lai Lai Lai...
D GLai Lai Lai...
B7 Em C D EmOh baby and don't forget to write
B7 C D* GOh my darling...
B7 Em C D*
G(C/G) G(C/G) G(C/G).....Oh baby and don't, forget, to, write
Tabbed by --Art
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