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Burn Halo – Here With Me tab

This is my first tab ive ever done. so it should be just about 90% right. Im still
on it. I haven't finished the chorus or haven't got to the solo. evertime i start to 
something comes up. I done this in standard tuning. Ive never figured out how to do a 
d if this is played in drop d. Any questions or suggestions my email is

Intro 3x end with this-------------------------------------------|-15--14-13-12--14-13-12-----------------15-|---12--------13--------------------12-15---|------------------------------12-15--------|-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|
Verse just keep strumming the 7-5 until you hear the change then its the 9-7---------|---------|---------|---------|-7---9-9-|-5---7-7-|
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