Burning Brides - Heart Full Of Black tab version 1


Tuning: Standard

Couldn't find any other chords for this song, so I thought I'd submit my own

   A    (Hold chord)

   A     G  D  A     G  D  A    G  D  A     G  D  A

                                          G  D  A
   You take me right up to the top of world

                                E  D  A
   Then you push me over the side

                                           G  D  A
   Like an addiction to a four-lettered word

                               E  D
   Victim of the western decline

   E (Continue Strumming)
   I made a promise by the side of the road

   D (Continue Strumming)           A
   That I would bury my god damn halo

   G        D            A
    I gotta heart with a black lining

   G        D             A
    I gotta heart full of black      x2

Repeat for the remainder of verses/choruses

Sorry I don't know the solo
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