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Wanting Things

Intro:  G  Em7  G  Em7

G           Em7         G    Em7     G     Em7   
Tell me how long must I keep wanting things
        D7                    G
Needing things when I have so much
               F#m            Am             Em7
There are many girls who have much less than me
Day by day, they make their way and find more in life than I can see

Tell me when will I learn to resist wanting things
Touching things that say do not touch
People that I meet seem to think Iím strong
They donít see inside of me, so they donít know Iím weak and often wrong

        G          Em7          Bm    Em7     
Tell me why must I keep wanting things
Bm      Em7         Adim          G
Needing things that just canít be mine

by: Josť Duarte
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