Bury Your Dead - Sundays Best tab

Daniel Connell

Listen to the song for how it is suppose to be played an then this will make sense to 
Keep the Dream Alive.

Chords Used-
Dsus2-     000230
Asus2-     002230
E-         022100

Intro----0--0--0--0--|----0--0--0--0-|--2--1--2--1---| x2--4--2--0--2---|---------------|---------------|
Verse- Same as above. Listen to song to know when to turn it into a chord, just dont play the 2 strings. Chorus- Dsus2 Asus2 E Cause she's already out the door Dsus2 Asus2 E She's already out of here Dsus2 Asus2 E She's already gone away Dsus2 Asus2 E Already gone away Song continues just like that. Keep the dream alive.
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