Bush – Glycerine tab ver. 2


Gavin mutes the strings for a little bit while he is playing each chord.
You don't have to mute the strings, but it sounds a lot better if you do. If
you have even just a little bit of musical talent, you should be able to hear
when he mutes the strings.


This part is played around the time while he is singing "glycerine", I call
that part the chorus.

bass guitar enters somewhere in the song and just plays what the guitar is
playing.  It just plays the root note of each chord (top note=root note) 

During the song, there are some chello parts and violin parts or
whatever the instruments are, and I attempted to tab it out for guitar.
I might not be right, so don't hold it against my, I TRIED, so here is
my best shot at it. 

h=hammer on
p=pull off
fill #1 goes in right before the 1st line of "don't let the days....."
E |-----------------------------------------------|B |---12--12s14--14-12--10--9-10--12--14----------|G |-----------------------------------------------| D |-----------------------------------------------| (violin parts)A |-----------------------------------------------|E |-----------------------------------------------|also, during this the chello plays the notes of each chord being played bythe lead guitar, if you want, you can play that if you have a another guitarby simply playing the top note of each chord (just like the bass is doing)
****************************************************************************fill #2 goes in right before the 2nd line of "don't let the days....." and is played a couple of timesE |-------------------------------|B |---12--12--11--9--11--12--14---|G |-------------------------------| (violin parts)D |-------------------------------|A |-------------------------------|E |-------------------------------|just like before, there is a chello playing the notes of each chord beingplayed by the lead, guitar, if you want, you can play that if you have a third guitar simply be playing the top note each chord
**************************************************************************** fill #3 in this part the guitar and bass stop playing and the violin and the chello are the only things heard while Gavin is singing some lines that sound like "bad moon white again" but doesn't make sense and are not listed in the lyric booklet.
the parts in the parenthesis are the chello parts. If you decide to playthem, you definately need another guitar to play it because the chello andviolen are played at the same time. I'm also not sure if the chello partsare correct, but once again, it sounds o.k. E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |---12--11---9------------11h12p11----14-----11--12-------------------12-|G |------------------------------------------------------------------------|D |------------------------------------------------------------------------|A |------------(7--5-4-5-7s5-4-5--2)---------------------------------------|
E |----------12--11---9--------------------------------------------------|B |--11---9------------------12--11---9---------11h12p11---14------11--12|G |----------------------------------------------------------------------| D |----------------------------------------------------------------------|A |----------------------------------------------------------------------|E |----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |--------------12--11---9----|B |--12--11---9----------------|G |----------------------------| D |----------------------------|A |----------------------------|E |----------------------------|
there are other violen and chello parts but they are exactly like or very slight variations of the ones above. Oh, IF THERE ARE ANY CHANGES OR CORRECTIONS, PLEASE POST THEM, I COULD HAVE MADE A MISTAKE!!!!!!!!! ******** lyrics: must be your skin that i'm sinkin in must be for real cause now i can feel and i didn't mind it's not my kind not my time to wonder why everything's gone white and everything's grey now your here now you away i don't want this remember that i'll never forget where your at don't let the days go by glycerine i'm never alone i'm alone all the time are you at one or do you lie we live in a wheel where everyone steals but when we rise it's like strawberry fields if i treated you bad you bruise my face couldn't love you more you got a beautiful taste don't let the days go by could have been easier on you I coudn't change though I wanted to could have been easier by three our old friend fear and you and me glycerine (repeat) don'nt let the days go by glycerine I needed you more when we wanted us less I could not kiss just regress it might just be clear simple and plain that's just fine that's just one of my names don't let the days go by could've been easier on you glycerine
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