Bush - Prizefighter tab

Name: Jimi Brewer

Tabs: Song:  Prizefighter
Artist:  Bush
Album:  The Science of Things
tuning: standard
transcrived by:  Jimi Brewer
email:  jesus.online@juno.com

intro:gtr1:feedback:e--<12>--|b--<12>--|gtr2:fade in w/ an Em, then play an Em x2
reoccuring lead riff:b--<12>-----------------g------<12>------<12>---d----------<12>----<12>-
VERSE BREAK: gtr1: A gtr2: reoccuring lead line vocal: "hello...hello..."
PRECHRORUS:gtr1: Em Ggtr2:b--7------------12~~~~~12~~~~--|g--9^~~9^r--12~~~~~~12~~~12~~--|vocal: "the best is yet to come..."
gtr1: Cgtr2:b-----13~~----|g--12~~~12~~--|vocal:"better get your feet back on the ground.."
CHORUS:gtr1:d----2-4---5---4-2-2-7/8-8-7\5--|a----2-4---5---4-2-2-7/8-8-7\5--|e-8\-0-2-0-3-0-2-0-0-5/6-6-5\3--|vocal: "I'm a prizefighter.."gtr2:I think it might be in dropped-d...I'm not sure though.
CHROUS END:gtr1:d-7--7-7-7-9/10-10-10-10\9\7--2a-7--7-7-7-9/10-10-10-10\9\7--2e-5--5-5-5-7/8---8--8--8\7\5--0
the verses are the main riff, play Cx2, then Ax2, and so forth. Also, the main riff's notes are really just an estimate, just pick some strings from those chords ad yo should be ok. key: <#>-harmonic /\-slide ~-vibrato !-trill pick ^-bend ^r-bend and/or return to normal pitch there yeh' go! I was brief and only gave you the blueprints, it's up to you to build the final product! let me know what you think! any ?'s, comments, flames, whatever...send to: jesus.online@juno.com W.W.A.D.? pages.bolt.com/music/abbywould/index.html
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