Bush – All Night Doctors chords ver. 2

"All Night Doctors"
The Sea of Memories (2011)

F   Dm   C   Bb 			 
F DmShe saw the pieces of her yesterday. She was wondering how she'd fade away.
C BbWho had loved her and really listened in. Whether she had made a difference.
F DmHe's a solider of misfortune. Seven steps to make one forward.
C BbHow the truth hurts. The lies, they crystallize.
F DmTry to wrap your arms around a memory. Maybe you are not where you're meant to be.
C BbLord knows we're not who we think we are.
G D C GAll night doctors. All night preachers. All night girls to get you through.
G D C GLost and wasted. Hope is fading. I'm wait here for you
F DmThe secret life of our ulteriors. Most girls are superior.
C BbEveryday I'm on the slide for you and
F Dm Every night it's the same I've been waiting for the world to change.
C BbFor all the fighting to die away.
F DmFind comfort in your memory. I'm not where I am meant to be.
C BbYou shine, the world stops and gods are humbled
*Repeat Chorus Bridge:
G D C G Were you ever my love? Were you ever my love? I don't know
*Repeat Chorus/Bridge Chords G D C G The End *Special thanks to goldensuitcase.
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