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Subject: b/bush/communicator.tab

                    tabbed by
          Shawn Robinson(Personalh@hotmail.com)

                   p=pull off
                   x=mute string
                   ^=bend note
                p.m.=palm mute
                  ()=ghost note

Guitar 1(clean)E------------------|B------------------|G------------------| 25 timesD------------------|A-2-2-0------------|E-------2~-0-2-0---| RIFF A------------|
E---------|B---------|G-5-5-5---|D-5-5-5-2-| 4 timesA-3-3-3-2-|E-------0-| RIFF B---|
RIFF A(13x)RIFF B(6x) On Last time let the G string ring afterthe last "C" chordRIFF A(3x) Guitar 1(w/chorus)I think!E---------------------|B---------------------|G-4---4-4-2---4-4-0---|D---4-------4-------4-|A---------------------|E---------------------|
RIFF A(7x) RIFF B(6x)
Guitar 2E-------------|B-------------|G-4-2-4-------|D-------4-2\4-| 4 timesA-------------|E-------------|
on second time Guitar 1 plays this..E-------------------------------|B-------------------------------|G-4-x-x-4-x-x-4-4-4-4-x-x-x-4-4-|D-------------------------------|A-------------------------------|E-------------------------------|
RIFF B(1x)then ending chord is..G-5-D-5-A-3-
Bush-Communicator tabbed by Shawn Robinson(Personalh@hotmail.com) Date: Tuesday, 4 March 1997 From: David Harrison Subject: TAB: "Communicator" by "Bush" Album: "Razorblade Suitcase"(1996) This is a pretty easy song and I'm pretty sure I tabbed it right but if you have any questions, comments, corrections, or additions feel free to e-mail me at the address above. Intro:
E|--------------------------------------------|B|---------------||************************---|G|---------------|----------------------------|play clean. Slight bend *D|---------------|----------------------------|on the 2 on the E string*A|-2-2-0---------||************************---|E|-------2-0-2-0------------------------------|
E|-------------------------------------|B|-----------||*********************---|G|-5-5-5-----|-------------------------| Some distortion, but*D|-5-5-5---2-||* pretty clean----------| *A|-3-3-3---2-||*********************---|E|---------0---------------------------|
End: (Twice)E|-------------|| E|----------------------------|B|-------------|| B|------------||***********---|G|-------------|| G|-5-5-5------|---------------| Lots of *D|-99-7/4-2h4~-|| Then D|-5-5-5---2~-|---------------| distortion*A|-------------|| A|-3-3-3---2~-||***********---|E|-------------|| E|---------0~-----------------|
Here's the order: Verse: 26x (00:00) Chorus: 4x (01:07) Verse: 14x (01:27) Chorus: 6x (02:04) Verse: 4x (03:35) Verse: 8x (03:08) Chorus: 6x (03:29) End: 1x (04:01) Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 19:05:40 +0000 From: Jim M Brewer Artist: Bush Song: Communicator sender: Jimmy Brewer, tomorrowman @juno.com I've sucked the life out of this site, and now I feel as though I should give it something in return, so... This a song off Razorblade suitcase, and is mostly bass except the chorus. And this is my first attempt at tab, so bear with me.
Here and there Nigel throws in some feedback, and occasionally you'll hear a higher pitch version of that riff, that's when a guitar dubs over it, along with the bass.
chorus:e------------------------------------|B------------------------------------|G------------------------------------|D----7--7--7-----X--X--X--5----------|A----7--7--7-----X--X--X--5----------|E----5--5--5-----X--X--X--3----------| wonder if............. met my wife.........
well, that's it, I know this probably isn't right, or exactly how they play it, although I'm sure about the bass part. So, send all flames, comments, questions, anything to: tomorrowman@juno.com
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