Bush – This Cloud tab

Ok...this song is in standard tuning
and i'm pretty possitive it's correct.....

The intro and the
verses are slightly
palm muted with a quick downward strum
of only the three strings that are shown.....
the chorus has a normal strum to it.....

e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|----------------------|D|----9/----7/-4/-5-----|A|----9/(7x)7/-4/-5-----|all 4 of these chords are strumed downward fastlikeE|----7/----5/-2/-3-----| for 7 times each chord}
love and , get it wrong, she cut me back down to size....
sleep the day, let it fade, who was there to take your place....
no one knows, never will, mostly me but mostly you....
what do you say, do you do, when it all comes down.......
i don't wanna......|e|-------------|B|-------------|G|---7---------|D|---7---------|A|---5---------|E|-------------|
come back down....e|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------|D|----7/--------|A|----7/--------|E|----5/--------|
from this cloud.....e|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------|D|----9/--------|A|----9/--------|E|----7/--------|(no words said on this chord)except at the end of the strum, you start to say
************************************************************************** pretty easy song once you get the jist of it, it's my first tab and i think i got it right, but i'll take a chance and say it's 100% correct....hit me up with an e-mail if theres any questions.......laters
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