Busted - Dawsons Geek tab

Hi people! What's new? Im here again jimmy, i couldnt remember my password so im not
the same user as in the other TAB/CHORDS...Well this song is called Dawsons geek, an
inspiration of Dawsons Creek the famous american teenager show, i love that show, love
life problems..friendships...i feel identified with pacey! Oh, sorry i wont talk
anymore..by the way the chords are not the same as in the Album version...but it sounds
really good...oh just 1 last thing! The chord A* is played like a usual A with only two
fingers, and in the 4th fret ok guys? Have fun!


You think you know it, 
I  can see it in the way you're speaking.
The long words that you use,
Are starting to get irritating,
I've got the urge to knock you out,
And i can't handle this. 
The ladder by your your bedroom window
Really takes the piss

C#m                       A
Step back take a look where you're at,
 E            A                   A*
 You're just a raving Dawson's maniac...

E			A
You think that you know everything
C#m	    A                     E
Take one step back and look at yourself
E			A
I think you dont know anything
C#m			A		E
All my friends think that youre such a freak
E         A               A*
And your just a Dawson's geek
E      A            A*
Dawson's Dawson's geek

Well guys, any problems, questions...just mail me or add me to ur contact list ok dudes?
This song goes up to my brother! Javi 1 hug from here!
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