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Everything I Knew

(C) O'Fee 2005


G(9) G(9)/F# C(9) D Em7 G Bm7e[--10------10-------3--------3----3---2-------------]B[--10------10-------3---7----3----3---3-------------]G[---0-------0-------0---7----0----0---2-------------]D[---9-------9-------2---7----2----0---4-------------]A[--10-------9-------3---5---------2---2-------------]E[---------------------------------3-----------------]
Verse: (in the verse and prechorus, the strumming goes somewhat like: o o o x o o / o x o o o o ) G(9) G(9)/F# C(9) Everything I knew just went out the window Now I canít depend on you G(9) Forever G(9)/F# C(9) And I never thought Iíd see my life walk away from me I thought weíd always be D Em7 Together Prechorus: D No, I shouldnít have to pay C(9) For every word I say D Em7 And I wish I could change your decision D Now you know that Iíve tried C(9) To tell you what itís like But you just wouldnít listen Before the chorus, right about when he says "just", go:
Chorus: G Letís go back, letís rewind D To the days that remind Bm7 C(9) Me of all the good times that we spent together G And I donít know why D We just let it all slide Bm7 C(9) When we both knew inside we were right for each other Hereís where picking starts, no strumming:
I donít know what to doe[----------------------------------3----------------]B[----------------3-----------------3--3-------------]G[-------0-----------0-----------0--------0----------]D[----2--------0--------0-----2--------------2-------]A[-0--------2--------------3-------------------------]E[---------------------------------------------------]
Youíre every - thing that I knewe[----------------------3----------------------------]B[----------------3-----3----------------------------]G[-------0-----------0--0----------------------------]D[----2--------0--------2----------------------------]A[-0--------2-----------3----------------------------]E[---------------------------------------------------]
Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1) Everythingís the same Itís like tomorrow never came We used to talk about Whatever And the seasons never changed We never used to act our age Every time we were Together Prechorus Chorus (including picking part) Bridge: (this uses the exact same picking as the end of the chorus, except you do it and after the second ď33Ē bit, donít come back down with 3-0-2, just hesitate and go back 0-2-0) How can you just walk out of my life Without even giving a reason? And how can you look so good The day I watched you leave me? Then strum a constand C(9), getting louder until the last chorus (on last chorus, leave the ďI donít know what to doĒ bitÖ.do the outro instead. Outro:
Oh, - yeah - yeahe[----------------------3----------------------------]B[-------1--------3-----3----------------------------]G[-------0-----------0--0----------------------------]D[----2--------0--------2----------------------------]A[-0--------2-----------3----------------------------]E[---------------------------------------------------]
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