Busted – Thunderbirds Are Go Acoustic tab

			     Thunderbirds are Go Acoustic -Busted
Tabbed by:Gareth & Al
      Hey everyone, we have been waiting AGES for someone to tab this, so eventually
wee decided to do it ourselves- enjoy.
      Ps, would someone PLEASE tab "Let it Go" cos it's the best ever track and
we haven't a baldy how to play it...

For the rhythm of the strumming you're gonna have to listen to the track- it's


Intro B Ebm G#m E7e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |G|-----------------11-11-9-11-13---------------------11-11-9-11-13------------ |D|-9--9-11--9-11-13-------------11---9--9-11--9-11-13--------------11--------- |A|--11----11--------------------------11----11-------------------------------- |E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
Verse 1 B Spring Break's come around Ebm And there's no heroes to be found G#m E7 There's something major goin down on Tracy Island (Island) B Weapons underground keeping our Ebm Planet safe and sound if someone G#m E7 Evil's coming round they should be frightened (frightened) Pre-chorus B Ebm 'Cos now the boys are back in town G#m E7 No strings to hold them downnnnnnn (downnnn) Chorus B Don't be mad please G# Stop the hating F# E7 Just be glad that they'll be waiting B G# F# Friends we have are ever changing you E7 G A B Know the lid's about to blow- when the Thunderbirds are Go Verse 2 (chords same as verse 1) Kids are learning fast, they know that T-birds kick some ass You know that there's no comin last when you're on Their side (their side) It always looks so cool when spaceships come out of the pool You know that you'd just be a fool to be a Bad guy (bad guy) Pre-chorus Chorus
Solo E7 G# G Ae|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |G|-----------------11-11-9-11-13---------------------------------------------- |D|-9--9-11--9-11-13-------------11---9--9-12--9-11-12-11(vibrato)------------- |A|--11----11--------------------------11----11-------------------------------- |E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Thunderbirds are GO(GO)
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |G|-----------------11-11-9-11-13---------------------------------------------- |D|-9--9-11--9-11-13-------------11---9--9-12--9-11-12-14(let ring)------------ |A|--11----11--------------------------11----11-------------------------------- |E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
Chorus B(once) G#(once) Don't be mad please, stop the hating F#(quickly) E7 Just be glad that they'll be waiting B G# Friends we have are ever changing you F# E7 Know the lid's about to blow G A B When the Thunderbirds are Go G A B Thunderbirds are Go x2 G A Thunderbirds are x2 G A B Thunderbirds are GOOOOOOOO!!!! Thankyou and goodnight :)
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